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Linda and Jamie's Wedding with DJ Nate

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​​​​​​DJ Nate was an absolutely perfect choice for our wedding, and I cannot imagine how he would not be for yours as well. Music is a big part of life for both my husband and I, and we were both concerned that we would end up with a DJ who played a bunch of music that we did not enjoy. Just a couple of emails exchanged with Nate put our fears to rest...Nate immediately came across as an earnest and down to earth person, who wanted to give us the musical experience for our wedding that would make us the happiest. I loved the fact that he has a very extensive database of music which you can look through, and select “love it’ “like it” or “hate it” for any song, in addition to being able to request that he add songs not found in the database, at no additional charge. Based on what we indicated about our song loves and hates, DJ Nate had fabulous intuition in understanding the broader implication for music that we would like to hear at the wedding, and we along with our guests enjoyed it all so much. One of the most special moments for us was when Nate asked if he could play one more song to finish the night, not one that we had “loved” on the list, and it turned out to be one of my husband’s absolute favorites, and pitch perfect for the tone of our wedding and what we were all feeling. It’s at little moments like that where you don’t feel like you’ve hired a DJ, but gotten one of your friends with impeccable taste in music to score your party. His pricing structure was extremely reasonable and upfront. The times that we all spoke on the phone were a pleasure. Nate was a very attentive listener, calm and reassuring amidst wedding stress, and always professional and prompt in any correspondence. I would, recommend him to anyone, and in fact already did to a friend who was thrilled…and it’s a friend who is rarely if ever thrilled by anything. If I had it all to do again, (and fortunately I do not!) I would hire DJ Nate every time.​ - Meredith, 7.8.17 

DJ Nate was by far the PERFECT DJ for us. He was the first DJ we spoke with and we knew we needed to look no further. He was incredibly flexible to arrange meeting times and locations, and he was our most responsive vendor throughout the planning process. He drove out to meet us at our venue to get an idea of the where would be the best place to set up and to get an overall vibe of the wedding. We had a very specific and eclectic sense of music and really requested a unique mix of music, and Nate never flinched at our requests. We merely provided him with a list of our preferred songs, and he had them downloaded and ready to review. We used his online planning tool to create lists of must play songs and indicate special requests for introductions, first dances, fading pieces, etc. Nate executed everything we requested to a T on the night of our wedding, and really provided the soundtrack to our evening. His dance lights made for some great party pictures, and everyone commented on what a great job he did. Our parents were pleased with what an excellent, humble host he was and how in-tune he was to the mood of the crowd. We loved working with Nate and would use him again in a heartbeat if we could do our wedding again. It was the best night of our lives, and we have his humble, professional service to thank. - Jay and Kristen, 3.11.16

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